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Raynee by Mugen09 Raynee :iconmugen09:Mugen09 0 2 Darker than something by Mugen09 Darker than something :iconmugen09:Mugen09 1 0 Amen Alt by Mugen09 Amen Alt :iconmugen09:Mugen09 1 0 Amen One by Mugen09 Amen One :iconmugen09:Mugen09 1 0 Checking in by Mugen09 Checking in :iconmugen09:Mugen09 0 6
WTTU Chapter 7
Chapter 07: Of a feather.
Barong wasn't the big lumbering dolt I had initially assumed he'd be, and I suppose that's my fault for thinking such. The man was a giant, but he seemed to be honest with me. His words were cryptic, sure but I was already here, so I might as well enjoy it before I conjure up another room to be stuck in for all eternity. He spoke so smooth, and his voice was so bass-filled I thought my heart was going to vibrate out of my chest. It was strange trying to find out what made this man tick, but it was as if he knew I was trying to figure him out. Looking down at me, he grinned, before answering most of the questions I had since things had begun to get out of control.
"Jason, my man you've been introduced to this place, and I assure you this isn't a coma, or some fabrication of a drug-addled child- though Zero doesn't say you do those things. This place is a fabrication of the collective mindset over nearly two-in-a-half thousand years. I'm not that old, but thi
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WTTU Chapter 6
Chapter 06: Spectrum
I know what you're expecting; Me to suddenly wake up and it's the next day, everything is hunky-dory and everybody seems pretty copacetic. This is not what happened. Instead, what I felt was an extremely heavy push against my body as I fell, as if a wave had begun to come full crescent just above my body, rip-curl just gently pulling me in as if I were a leaf swept up in the breeze. I was completely vulnerable to whatever my brain would've conjured up in this dream which was seeming much more like a recurring nightmare as it progressed. The poster had been torn to shreds from the pressure that was holding me down, the wall became about as useful as I was, because I could still focus on objects, I caught the ends of the wall as it tore up like paper, though much slower than any explosion could muster. It was almost as if the threads of the building were being pulled apart piece by piece, but if clumps got stuck to one another, the invisible monster that was m
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Checked out by Mugen09 Checked out :iconmugen09:Mugen09 1 4
WTTU Chapter 5
Chapter 05: Body Rock.
Things quieted down for a few hours, Melinda left me after I waved her off and I was stuck with my own thoughts, and that nagging feeling that I had this shit on me. The panic had gently skated herself off of my shoulder, and onto my television in my room , which was changing channels constantly, either a ghost had the intentions to make my life an even worse one, or my buttcheeks had an amazing new ability since I nearly died. Controlling televisions at will. This was the first time that you guys actually get a direct look at my face, too, now that I think of it. The mini-feed showed it in reflections, and through angles, but I never stared at you guys until just now. Looking back at it, I was genuinely scared out of my mind, these words will hold true later on, so remember them.  What does a confused young man do when he realizes that he's nearly died, has some weird out of body experience, and also has been acting like a zombie for the
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WTTU Chapter 4
Chapter 04: In Retrospect
This had to have been the most ridiculous day in my entire life. Not because of nearly dying three thousand times, but because I had no idea what in ten types of fuck was going on anymore. Look, I'm in a hospital again, but this time it was packed with people from what I could hear. Nurses were clicking away at clipboards, and doctors were diagnosing people with their daily dose of crazy. Somewhere in all of this I was laying in a hospital bed, all bandaged up and toasty, vulnerable, but not quite in as much pain as I was what felt like second ago. There was no vomit on me, my bones didn't feel like sensitive jelly, and there were no ambiguous suit of armor to kick me in the head. I remembered all of it as if it just happened, and as far as I was concerned, it did. Up until the point where the nurse had opened my little nook thing, you know the drapes they put over patient's beds so the other person in the room can't see them? That was moved, and I caug
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Curleh Moosetash by Mugen09 Curleh Moosetash :iconmugen09:Mugen09 1 0 Tattoo Sketch by Mugen09 Tattoo Sketch :iconmugen09:Mugen09 0 0
WTTU Chapter 3
Chapter 03: Leave your shoes at the door
Things got even more strange at this point too- Because I remember waking up vividly, and I wasn't standing on shaky legs either, on confident, albeit confused heels. I could think clear as day, everything that had just happened ping-ponged off of my brain like the game from the 80's. Slowing down thoughts of mania is quite the task, I was distraught, as I'd imagine anybody would be in a scenario like this. When I say the thoughts were 'clear' I mean 'completely translucent', I could think in a direction, I just couldn't make sense of anything. Once my eyes got to working though, I noticed I was in a hospital. A really retro hospital, with posters from long before I was born on the walls, at least it looked like it from what I remember seeing in my History classes. The layout of the hospital seemed very much like the ones that were around today, white floors, grey walls, an empty desk area where I'd assume a nurse would be, glass behind m
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WTTU Chapter 2
Chapter 02: Why Kansas?
''We've gotten reports from several aether experts that are saying this school is liable to a recall of this certain 'type 3cb3' pipe, which is known to backfire after roughly a decade's worth of stress.'' There was an establishing shot of my school as this was being announced on the television, as well as some shots of this specific type of pipe. It actually looked relatively intricate, more like glass than anything, with a swirling green vortex in between it that moved with the same fluidity smoke does when you snuff a candle. Then it cracked on screen, and there was a reenactment of what happens when these pipes burst. It looked like somebody had struck a match in a room that was filled with gas, 'cept it was green. I wasn't particularly too interested in the information about the pipes, I had already placed my outfit back on and went down to the kitchen, avoiding making the jump today just in case I missed and died, then moved on to the refrige
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Second Favorite Starter by Mugen09 Second Favorite Starter :iconmugen09:Mugen09 2 4 Hikaru and Kaoru by Mugen09 Hikaru and Kaoru :iconmugen09:Mugen09 3 6


Rainy Days, desktop music visualizer by alatsombath Rainy Days, desktop music visualizer :iconalatsombath:alatsombath 285 79 Ocean, desktop music visualizer by alatsombath Ocean, desktop music visualizer :iconalatsombath:alatsombath 90 45 Raleway rainmeter skin by lilbitgimpy Raleway rainmeter skin :iconlilbitgimpy:lilbitgimpy 153 51 [RAINMETER]Purity Notes Skin by Rasvob [RAINMETER]Purity Notes Skin :iconrasvob:Rasvob 123 25 Textime 1.1 [Rainmeter Skin] by jlynnxx Textime 1.1 [Rainmeter Skin] :iconjlynnxx:jlynnxx 388 145 Simply Nova by NovaSev Simply Nova :iconnovasev:NovaSev 1,563 810 Do I Need a Jacket? 2.0 (beta 2016-04-10) by FlyingHyrax Do I Need a Jacket? 2.0 (beta 2016-04-10) :iconflyinghyrax:FlyingHyrax 243 169 Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer by alatsombath Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer :iconalatsombath:alatsombath 770 640 Elegant Clock by twistlemon Elegant Clock :icontwistlemon:twistlemon 621 91 Rainmeter - Simple Media 1.1 by lilshizzy Rainmeter - Simple Media 1.1 :iconlilshizzy:lilshizzy 2,517 331 Do I Need a Jacket? by FlyingHyrax Do I Need a Jacket? :iconflyinghyrax:FlyingHyrax 487 173 Glorious Launcher That Changes your Wallpaper! 3.1 by DKPhantom Glorious Launcher That Changes your Wallpaper! 3.1 :icondkphantom:DKPhantom 151 263 Cronotopo Clock by lucamennoia Cronotopo Clock :iconlucamennoia:lucamennoia 61 23 VisBubble: Round Visualizer for Rainmeter by undefinist VisBubble: Round Visualizer for Rainmeter :iconundefinist:undefinist 974 804 UNITY 14 Rainmeter by ActiveColors UNITY 14 Rainmeter :iconactivecolors:ActiveColors 169 37 Muji TaskNote by ActiveColors Muji TaskNote :iconactivecolors:ActiveColors 399 79



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Have been pretty astounding. Here's a recap for those that don't know.

I aced my Mid-terms, so basically I'm kicking life in the face, it's pretty awesome.

I've traveled so much that I'm growing tired, but not homesick, I enjoy being away from home and would like to sleep somewhere else for a change.

I went to EXPcon and met some boss-ass people, turns out I live close to and have enjoyed the art of :icongenkigoth: cool duo, got some art from them and sold them, as well as :iconastaroth189: great artists who have a chill sense of humor and were easy to talk to. I was getting people to buy stuff from both of them, because I support fellow artists (as well as people I enjoy speaking with, so the more you know, if you want my money.)

I am playing UMVC3 on Xbox, so if you want to throw down on that just let me know and we can enjoy some stuff, because that game is pretty addicting.

College is getting destroyed by me. It can't even handle the amount of work that I put in, even when I'm being lazy. All-in-all, things are going pretty swimmingly, and I am enjoying life. Hope you guys are also. Um...I'll be posting some EXPcon pictures on here at some point, as well as actually drawing things once the semester is over before the next one starts, annnndddd if you have a tumblr, let me know. I'm happily addicted to it (thanks to my Mass Media professor) and wouldn't mind gaining/following somebody else. It's pretty fun.

Cheers guys, hope you're all doing well.
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Favourite style of art: Anything that's appealing to the eye.
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Wallpaper of choice: Something simple, like mountains, nature, grafitti.
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Favourite cartoon character: Mugen or Jin from Samurai Champloo
Personal Quote: ''Isn't that enough?''


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